Shipping policy


We Are Project Wild use the following freight options:

Package without distribution - The goods are shipped with a freight company to the nearest pickup point or box. Once the package is ready for pickup, you will receive an SMS or email with pickup information to the mobile number or email specified at the time of booking. Upon receipt of the shipment, a valid ID must be provided.
Home Delivery - For an additional fee, you can get your package sent home. The package will then be delivered to the specified address on your order. If you wish to ship to a company address, the freight company will attempt delivery during daytime. Remember in this regard a person reference such as Att.
Normal delivery time is 1-3 working days from We Are Project Wild have confirmed your order by e-mail. If the product is an order item, the delivery time is no longer than 14 days.

In the context of your order being sent from our warehouse, an email will also be sent to the email address provided. The package should reach you within 5 business days. If you have not received the package before the 5 days, please contact our customer service.

We Are Project only supplies to Denmark, excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Unpatched packages / shipments

Packages that have not been collected within fourteen (14) days are returned to We Are Project Wild. In this case, you will be charged a charge of DKK 299 to cover costs associated with We Are Project Wild's administration, freight, and return freight and handling. Unsolicited packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal.


As a consumer, you always have fourteen (14) days of cancellation under the law. If you wish to return your item during this period to exchange it or buy something else, please contact customer service, which will give you instructions for return shipping. If you have paid for the return freight, We Are Project Wild is unable to replace the costs in this regard. As a customer, you have the right to check the product at home to make sure that the product meets your expectations. If you return an item that has not been used, with associated labels and original packaging (e.g. a book in unbroken foil) within 30 days, the full amount will be refunded, or a change will be made. If the quality of the product has been affected as a result of the fact that you as a customer have used it more than what is necessary to investigate its features / features, then the repayment will be deducted, corresponding to the decrease in value of the product.

Transport damage

We Are Project Wild is responsible for goods that are damaged or lost during delivery to the customer. Complaints resulting from transport damage must occur within the appropriate time. For packages with visible transport damage or loss of contents, this must be notified immediately upon receipt. We Are Project Wild recommends that you first report a possible shipping damage directly to the place of delivery and then contact We Are Project Wild's customer service.

Last updated: 2018-16-12